A world in which every person lives with dignity and lives out their full potential.


Preventing human suffering, serving those in need, and empowering individuals and society through holistic/wholesome support.

About Baptists

Baptists are Christians who have conscientiously, and with faith, accepted Christ as their personal Savior. They are basing their life on the Bible as the only authority in all matters of faith, piety and life in general.

Baptists are gathered in local churches which are congregational in their structure (there is no hierarchy, or one center that is regulating the lives of all Baptists), autonomous and where all the members are equal and called to build the Church with their gifts and abilities. Everyone is called to study the Word of God with all seriousness, preach the Gospel and confirm that with their lives.

Baptists are open for dialogue and cooperation with others, they emphasize freedom of conscience, they advocate human rights, religious freedoms, and separation of Church and state...

All Baptists believe the same as far as important matters go, such as: salvation by grace and personal faith in Christ, which is followed by baptism, faith in the triune God, the works of the Holy Spirit as the third divine person, who acts and lives in the Christian, Christ’s resurrection in body and His second coming, the authority of the Word of God, Church as the living organism – the Body of Christ, in which all are equal (priesthood of the holy). When “secondary truths” are in question, the Baptists cherish diversity.   

Croatian Baptist Aid is a humanitarian organization based in Zagreb, Croatia. CBA was founded by the Croatian Baptist Union and it has been active since 2015. The mission of CBA is to prevent human suffering, to serve those in need, and to promote peace and all humanitarian and social work. The goal of the CBA is to help individuals and vulnerable groups in society to live lives worthy of human beings.

CBA’s work is based on Evangelical and humanistic values.  



Contact us

CBA Zageb, Ured SBC u RH, Radićeva 30, 10 000 Zagreb


tel: +385 1 4813168