You are not alone (YANA)

The project „You are not alone“ (YANA), aimed to help refugees currently located in Greece, is a joint initiative of all Baptist communities across Europe and beyond. The project was initiated by the leadership of the Croatian Baptist Aid. Thanks to the “You are not alone” initiative, refugees have the opportunity to have their basic needs met, while at the same time meeting Christians and hearing the message of the Gospel. The YANA initiative is also a way to introduce to the wider public the work of Baptist worldwide

YANA aims to include all Baptist communities in Europe and beyond, and through joint effort wants to help refugees in Greece during a period of 8 months. YANA initiative is a health-care project. The goal is to provide refugees with hygiene packets that also contain the message – You are not alone. We want to take care of their basic needs, but at the same time let them know that they are not alone in their suffering, but that Christ is with them through us.

We need a lot of persistence, faith and dedication in order to help refugees, people who are out of our sight most of the time, but who are people in genuine need. We want to help them find new hope and a new strength so they can rebuild their lives. In the same way that we cannot grow as people and build our lives on our own without the help of people who support us – our families, friends, brothers and sisters in Christ – so also refugees, people who share this earth with us, need our help in order to prevail in the midst of disappointment, anxiety and suffering. 

YANA project contains three types of hygienic packets:

  1. Hygienic supplies for women

  2. Hygienic supplies for men

  3. Hygienic supplies for children

Each of the packets has different contents which affects their price. Packets for women cost 19 €, packets for men 15 €, and children’s packets cost 8 €. With your donation you help improve health conditions of the refugees in Greece.

If you wish to support the hygienic packets project, you can do that by making a donation to the following (Wire transfer):

Account Name: Ruke nade*

Address: Radiceva 30, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

Bank Name: Privredna banka Zagreb

Bank Address: Radnička cesta 50, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

Account Number / IBAN HR3823400091110817743


*Croatian registered name for CBA, and it means Hands of Hope

Or through Paypal:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Contact us

CBA Zageb, Ured SBC u RH, Radićeva 30, 10 000 Zagreb


tel: +385 1 4813168