EBF leadership in Porin

EBF leadership visits Porin

Visit of the European Baptist Federation (EBF) leadership to the refugee and asylum seekers center Porin, Zagreb

Tony Peck (General Secretary) and Helle Liht of EBF visited Porin on January 19th 2018, and met with the director of CBAid, Toma Magda, and international development advisor, Elvis Džafić to talk about the successful activities CBAid has been organizing in Porin, as well as about future activities in the field of integration of refugees in Croatian society.

Elvis Džafić explained the asylum system in Croatia, focusing on the positive practices in Croatia, while Željko Čanji, integration program coordinator, spoke about problems organizations face in their work.

EBF leadership had the opportunity to meet an Iranian asylum seeker, Mr. Omid, who has been actively helping other refugees and asylum seekers through CBAid, other organizations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. EBF leadership expressed their hope of Omid being granted asylum by the Croatian government so he can begin living a normal life in Croatia.

The atmosphere of the meeting was positive, with both sides agreeing that there are new challenges coming with shifting situations and politics. There was also mention of the European Union politics that have been changing, and the need for constant adjustment of organizations to those changes.

Next meeting will be held in April in Sweden, where CBAid will present practices they are using in work with refugees and asylum seekers, and share about challenges, problems and possibilities.


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