Prayer Breakfast 2018

CBA in Washington

CBAid and PEC representative participated in the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC

February 6th to 8th 2018, Washington, DC, USA  - 66th National Prayer Breakfast was held in Washington, DC, USA. CBAid and PEC (Protestant Evangelical Council) sent their representative, Elvis Džafić, who is an advisor for the program development in CBAid and leader of the CBAid programs in Greece. Elvis was a part of the Croatian delegation along with Mario Kapulica, Ivka Barić, Marijana Petir, Slaven Dobrović, Marko Vojković and Silvije Hraste.

National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC gathers over 5000 participants from around the world each year with the goal to focus on the person of Jesus Christ and encourage the participants to start initiatives to promote the Kingdom of God in their contexts. Elvis Džafić was encouraged to continue the work on the initiative “ERA – Evangelical Relief Agency”, a platform which would gather religious humanitarian organizations and churches involved with humanitarian work in Croatia. With that goal in mind, Elvis met the representatives of different global humanitarian organizations like Samaritan’s Purse, USAid and World Food.

After his return, Elvis reported: “I know that the participants of this year’s Prayer Breakfast will contribute to understanding larger problems that the world is facing, they will work on spreading the values the world needs, and all that with the goal to strengthen peace and create a space where every human being can live a dignified life, have positive aspirations and reach healthy success.”

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